Types Of Braces Used In Accelerated Orthodontics

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Do you want to straighten your teeth with braces? If so, then you can put on traditional or conventional braces. Traditional braces help straighten teeth but it requires quite a long period of time so if you want a faster way to straighten your teeth, then accelerated orthodontics is for you. Both traditional orthodontic and accelerated orthodontics aims to move teeth in the desired position. If you want to make sure that accelerated orthodontics is for you, then you should know the advantage and disadvantages of accelerated orthodontics.
The main advantage of accelerated orthodontics is that it takes less time compared to traditional orthodontics. Traditional orthodontics may require you to wear braces for more than a year while accelerated orthodontics requires you to wear braces for less than a year. Another advantage is the health advantage that it can bring. Accelerated orthodontics, like any other braces, corrects structural problems of the teeth and it can also help improve the overall dental health. Straight teeth that have once been aided by braces helps improve one’s oral health.

A minor surgical procedure is required in accelerated orthodontics a week before the braces are applied. The patient will experience a bit of discomfort in the surgery – a discomfort that can be likened to the discomfort experienced during a dental cleaning. There will also be an itching sensation because the teeth move faster compared to traditional orthodontics.

Now let’s discuss the types of braces used for accelerated orthodontics. Like the traditional orthodontics, braces are used as well. These devices are designed to force the teeth to shift into the desired position. In other words, it is used to help the teeth straighten up and line up correctly. There are 3 types of braces that can be used in accelerated orthodontics.

Ceramic Braces

This kind of brace is made of composite materials usually ceramic or plastic alloys. It can’t be stained but the bands that hold the wire can stain your teeth if you smoke or drink coffee. Ceramic braces are the usual alternative to metal braces because it is less visible than metal braces. This kind of brace is also more brittle because ceramic is like glass which is brittle.

Lingual Braces

This kind of brace is just like any other brace except for the fact that it is placed behind the teeth. Because some people don’t want to wear obvious braces for an extended period of time, lingual braces were made available. This kind of brace may be used in accelerated orthodontics but it will be hard to apply it and the desired result would not be as good as if you use ceramic or metal braces. Lingual braces are more expensive than the other two braces.

Metal Braces

This is the least expensive kind of brace but it is the most visible. It is very strong – it can be used in any aggressive accelerated orthodontic treatment. Metal braces also have a tendency to the cause irritation to the gums.

As for the case of traditional orthodontics, the use of retainer is required after the braces are removed to prevent the teeth to return to their past state.
Accelerated orthodontics is new and there is not enough study on how effective it is but experts said that the procedure seems safe and effective. If traditional orthodontics treatment is recommended, then accelerated orthodontics may be effective. The cost of accelerated orthodontics is similar to that of traditional orthodontics because accelerated orthodontics requires several doctors, including a periodontist and orthodontist. If you have problems with the alignment of your teeth and you don’t want to wear braces for a long period of time, then accelerated orthodontics is perfect for you.

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