Effective Acne Scar Treatment For Healthy Skin

Not every scar has to become a noticeable imperfection on your skin. There are things you can do the moment you get hurt and judge whether that your wound will leave a scar. These things do not always require surgery or stitches. If your injuries are from surgery, follow your doctor’s instructions to care for yourself so your skin heals as best as it can.

Apparently, if you or someone you love has been injured severely enough and there is a lot of bleeding, contact your doctor right away or get to an urgent care center or emergency room. Sometimes, if the wound is thick enough, stitches will be required. Getting stitches is the first step to ensuring that a severe cut or injury will not scar.

Even if you do not need stitches, you want to care for the wound properly. Clean it, apply antibacterial ointment as needed and dress it with clean gauze and bandages if not a large Band-aid for small cuts. This is not always convenient if you have a cut to the face, but you need to start the wound care right away.

Keep your cut moist by using the appropriate medical ointment or cream. Petroleum jelly is especially good for this purpose but always use any medical cream prescribed by your doctor.

Avoid the sun and be patient, especially with any wound to the face. You need to give the cut plenty of time to heal. Clean your skin with gentle soap and water.

You may want to use over-the-counter scar creams, but be careful about the products that you choose. Not every product is a sure-fire preventative for acne scar treatments. These products can help prevent them but only if you use them as indicated and are careful about caring for your skin.

A few things you will not want to do is use hydrogen peroxide to clean your wound. This is too intense and might feel like it is cleaning and disinfecting your sore, but it impedes the healing. Another product you will want to avoid using is vitamin E. Normally; this is an excellent substance for healthy, moist skin. When it is applied to wounds, however, it can also keep them from healing smoothly without scars.

Once the cut has healed significantly, gently massage it every day. This act will improve collagen production and help your skin heal without scarring.