How To Take Care Of The Dry Skin Of The Face?

More than any other skin, dry skin requires daily hydration. To find a smooth and well-nourished skin, watch your diet and choose a facial adapted to preserve your youth.

The daily care of a dry skin

The deficiency in lipids of the skin has the effect of making it dry and weakens it against the assaults of the day. Cleansing treatments can also be aggressive, sometimes increasing redness. To help dry skin regain a smooth, smooth appearance, moisturize it in the morning. Clarins has specially developed the Multi-Moisturizing Cream SPF 15 Normal to Dry Skin. In addition to its moisturizing properties, it is adequate protection against the sun’s rays and thus limits the further aggression on the dry skin of the face.

How to calm irritation of dry skin?

When irritations occur on the face or even acne, choose a repair treatment with instant action. The Multi-Repair Serum Restructuring Sensitive Skin comes in addition to the application of a cream day or night. Its immediate effect makes it possible to calm the feelings of irritation thanks to the extracts of plants. To prolong the softness effect, make cures for 10 to 20 days of this specialized care for dry skin.